Tegla Loroupe

Tegla Loroupe

Tegla Loroupe was born into a poverty-stricken pastoralist family in remote northwest Kenya; sports were her only way to escape early marriage and continual poverty. When she became the first African woman to set a world marathon record, she showed that another life was possible. For that reason, her voice carries powerfully across this vast region.

Tegla Loroupe and Kenyan flag

The Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation was founded to take advantage of the unique, inspiring and unifying emotion that joins everyone in the region: intense pride in the world dominance of Kenyan marathon runners. Tegla Loroupe, Paul Tergat, Joyce Chepchumba, Elena Meyer, Saif Saaeed Shaheen, Catherine Nderaba and dozens of other Kenyan and African world champions support the TLPF and participate directly and personally in its activities. This unanimity among African world champions sends a powerful message to every child, to every warrior, to every tribe and political group: bring peace through common community, made possible by the example of the common community of sport.


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